You are not alone

Almost 1 in 4 Dutch people is walking around with stomach, liver or intestinal complaints. This has emerged from research by the Dutch health organization RIVM.

Jeroen explains what we do at IBD Free Life

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Where can you find us

Our office is in Emmeloord. It does not matter if you live around the corner or on the other side of the world: We are able to help everyone who is not willing to continue to suffer from intestinal complaints. You don’t need to make a world trip for a consult, due to the wonders of technology. A consult can also happen by a (video) call.

Specialized, personal and Involved

This is why you choose for IBD Free Life

Because you want to know what the source of your complaints is. Because medicine is not a cure but a temporary solution. Because you have had enough, your stomach should not control your entire life.
  • Specialized laboratory research
  • Personal purposeful treatment
  • Support from soliciting professionals

Team IBD Free Life

Jeroen le Duc, Roelie Koopman & Jo-Ann Martin

30000 +

Dutch people with Crohn's disease

50000 +

Dutch people with Ulcerative Colitis

900000 +

Dutch with Irritable Bowel Syndrome


What do our customers say?

They are in the same boat as you, they have tried a lot of options and have seen a lot of experts. Some of our customers were sceptical: What could Darmspecialist offer what others could not?

Karin (34)

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

“ I was very sceptical. I have had so many research done already. What could Darmspecialist offer? Three months later I was finally able to spontaneously get out of the house without checking where the nearest washroom is…”

Corina (56)

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

“Al snel werd duidelijk dat mijn darmen een bepaald stofje niet goed aanmaken. Dáárdoor zat ik verstopt! Datzelfde stofje speelde ook een rol bij mijn depressie en niet kunnen slapen. “

Rees (19)

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

“Al mijn hele leven ben ik bezig te achterhalen wat ik nou precies heb. Ik heb vele artsen in ziekenhuizen versleten. Bij DarmSpecialist ontdekten we binnen een paar sessies de boosdoener: een genafwijking.”

The creation of IBD Free Life

Founder Jeroen le Duc recovered from Crohn himself.

In 2015 Jeroen was diagnosed with Crohn`s disease. He was able to alter his lifestyle and diet in such a way that it made it possible for him to live without pain or complaints. Without ever using medication. After completing his education, Jeroen is now a licensed orthomolecular and Epiphysiological therapist and has assembled his own team of specialists. Due to their collective knowledge and experience is team IBD Free Life able to help others with their complaints.