For everyone who is experiencing intestinal complaints

When your stomach is running your life instead of you

Physical complaints

  • You always experience complaints regarding your stomach, often suffer from cramps, the urgent urge to go to the bathroom, thin excrement or even diarrhea.
  • You experience a lot of pain, feel bloated very often and are spending a very long time on the toilet because you are constipated.
  • After eating you feel nauseous, experience heartburn, you do not know what to eat or avoid eating to try and fend off your complaints.
  • You have received the diagnosis of Irritable bowel syndrome and the message that there is nothing else to be done. Since there is no cure, your intestines are just over sensitive and you are being told to learn to live with it.
  • You received the diagnosis of Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative Colitis and even though you received medication for it, your complaints are not going away at all. You are wondering what your future is going to be.
  • You are very tired. So you are lacking energy and feel very drowsy.

Emotional complaints

  • You are scared to leave the house because you are always required to know where the closest bathroom is. Your bag always contains an emergency package with a change of clean clothes and some wet wipes.
  • You often have to call in sick and you are afraid to lose your job.
  • You feel guilty because you do not have the energy to go and take good care of your children.
  • You are so often so tired that you do not have the energy to be the partner in your relationship that you want to be, and it is hurting your relationship.
  • You experience anxiety attacks in public transport, you are so afraid that you suddenly get the urge to go.
  • You feel lonely and depressed.
  • You feel like you have failed on every aspect of your life: as a partner, as a parent and as an employee.
  • You are in desperate need of a vacation but even taking a camping trip in the Netherlands has become very complicated, so you stay at home.

For everyone who has already tried everything

It is time for a permanent solution to your problems

There is not a lot of information about the causation of the diagnosis. (Which can be found down below.) Treatment plans often become like the process of changing the engine in a car without knowing that the oil has dried up. Just put in the right type of oil so the motor won`t break anymore. That is why our specialists are going to look beyond the bowels and the derivative complaints. Often it is the case that the causation is not from your intestines at all.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The diagnosis of IBS confirms that your intestines are “irritated” however, that is quite obvious, you probably already noticed. You just do not know why.

Ulcerative Colitis

It sounds like a spell from the Harry Potter novels. Unfortunately, the inflammation won`t magically disappear on its own.

Crohn's disease

Crohn`s disease sounds scary especially, because they have told you that it is uncurable. Are there no other options than using medication?

Autoimmune Diseases

Intestinal complaints caused by an auto-immune disease? An example of a symptom could be that your immune cells are confused. We are going to search for the cause.

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

If the doctor cannot find anything, then you are left with nothing. Does that mean that you complain too much? We do not think so and want to help you find the source of your intestinal complaints.

For who?

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